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Ordering the dbrand Prism™ was easy and intuitive as you'd expect when ordering from dbrand. I initially ordered the Prism alongside the Grip Case and a corresponding Skin, which was then delayed. Here comes my first positive feedback: The transparency dbrand offers its customers Dbrand Prism Review | Best Screen Protector? - YouTube. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV. The new dbrand Prism screen protector!In this video we test this new impact screen protector and find out if it's worth it! *Spoiler it is... *Spoiler it is... It's finally here

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  1. Quick review of the new Prism Screen protector from Dbrand. Installed this per their instructions, not too happy with the final result
  2. Prism Review. Just installed Prism on my Pixel and frankly, I'm disappointed. The install really wasn't to complicated, but I pulled it as tightly as possible and it still doesn't line up 100%. But this could easily be user error, and it's not the real reason I'm upset. The real problem I have with Prism is the clarity, or rather, the lack thereof. Anything white looks extremely grainy. I.
  3. Dbrand. Dbrand, the aggressively-marketed smartphone accessories producer, just dropped their latest product, the Prism impact-proof screen protector.It can apparently keep your phone safe from harm, even when you smash it with a hammer.It's available now for $14.95, and is compatible with a wide variety of Apple, Google, and OnePlus smartphones.. The Prism is a dual-layer hybrid screen.
  4. The Prism. Like the Grip, the packaging is outstanding. However, the installation process is not as easy as dbrand makes it look in the tutorial. The Prism's installation method is creative and novel, make sure to rewatch the video until you know what you'll be doing before you start the actual installation. Despite working in a clean area, I somehow managed to get dust on the screen or screen protector twice, glad that you can just tighten your grip which pulls up the screen protector.
  5. I emailed dBrand and this was their response.. Robot 095 (dbrand) Mar 4, 18:02 EST. Hey frankGawd4Eva! Thanks for reaching out, and we're sorry to hear about the experience. That definitely shouldn't be. We've designed and tested the Prism to ensure it will not interfere with any of the sensors on your device. The only possible issue that could occur is fit dust was caught under the screen protector. When you get a chance, please email us back with some photos or a video highlighting the.
  6. Dbrand Prism review for OnePlus 6 So I received my Prism today. The packaging comes included with 2 screen protectors in the event of a screw up. First off, I can barely tell I have a screen protector on, it's nearly perfect in size and thickness
  7. I can buy a 500-pack of that shit on Amazon for like three bucks.. You're not wrong, chief. You can also buy 188 McDoubles instead of a tender slab of Wagyu beef. Much like Wagyu, our Glass has 360-degree smooth edges, oleophobic coating, and true edge-to-edge coverage of your phone display

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Dbrand is Amazing! Ordering from Dbrand was honestly a pleasure. I had an issue with one of my orders, and support got back to me within 15 minutes! They gave me options to fix my issue, and gave very quick replies. They also stayed in character, which really made the whole support process fun for me! I love dbrand skins, but having such good support is a big plus Dbrand Prism - The Toughest Screen Protector? - YouTube Unlike most reviews I see here, there was no problem with getting the package quickly. Took about 4 days to get to Canada. What has made me regret ever buying Dbrand is that the skin I ordered for my airpods pro is next to impossible to apply without messing it up. Not worth your money and pretty well just frustrates anyone trying to apply them. Hope I'm able to refund but I'm not keeping my hopes up from what I read from others on here Buy Now: https://dbrand.com/shop/prismThe dbrand Prism™ is a revolutionary dual-layer hybrid screen protector, pairing mind-boggling impact-resistant glass w.. Review - My Experience. So, as mentioned before - I received the dbrand Grip on 8th May. And I have been using it almost every day since then. The first thing I did with the Grip was to install the White Marble skin which I ordered along with the Grip and Prism. The first thing I felt after using it was that the case was quite thick. It didn't feel as bulky as some other cases, but it did feel thick. The corners are now curved, and they feel a lot more like the other cases in the.

Dbrand Prism Review Best Screen Protector? - YouTub

  1. I have ordered a few skins from dBrand in the past. They have always been high quality and a perfect fit (couldn't ever figure out how to apply the Airpods though). When I ordered recently, I received an incorrect item and they shipped out a new one free of charge. I highly recommend dBrand, they won't disappoint in any regard
  2. dbrand is the global leader in device customization. Founded on 11.11.11. Run by robots
  3. Prism is also good, easy to install. Biggest critic is how sharp the edges are (you can see on the pictures). If you don't use a case, you'll feel them and I'd be afraid to lift it by mistake, not sure how securely it sticks. The feeling is like glass, I was using the phone naked previously and no problem with that. Also, it does not affect the screen, I think ; some peops say it makes the screen cloudy, but I do not notice
  4. I had their original grip case for the Pixel 2XL. It was just a bumper case but was certainly very grippy. Overall it was a bit too bulky and ugly tbh. V2 appears to be a full case and it looks much better in my opinion. If it's the same quality as the original with this new design, I'm sure it'll be great
  5. Prism: The Invincible Screen Protector As with any other screen protector you'd get from Dbrand, the Prism comes two to a pack (hey, mistakes happen). It also comes with Dbrand's alignment stabilizer, alcohol wipes, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth, for super easy DIY installation
  6. At just 2mm thin, the Grip Case is roughly twenty times thicker than a human hair. It's also one-three-thousands as thick as a Giraffe is tall. Much like the mighty giraffe, the Grip Case subsists on a diet made up almost entirely of your smartphone

Dbrand was recommended by a lot of friends, however, it is very unfortunate that as a first-time experience, my order never made it home and as I am trying to contact them through e-mail to find a way to fix whatever happened, they never respond, maybe here I'll get one since it seems they take it seriously when someone gives them a bad review Hey everyone! In today's video, I'm reviewing The new Moon Prism Blush Palette from Lunar Beauty, and a few other items from the brand! Follow me on Instagra..

dbrand GRIP Review Apr 15, 2018. Shivang Joshi. Starting Point Expert Community Expert Apr 15, 2018. So, I had to test that out. I didn't have a glass laying by, (Best Grip on Glass Surface) but I tried to test it out on other surfaces. I tried it on my laptop's body, and it stayed well there. Then, I tried on the box of my laptop, and it didn't disappoint. One last try, I did it on. Note: dbrand sponsors a lot of YouTube videos and articles, but this review (clearly) is not sponsored by dbrand. I bought the Grip for my OnePlus 6 and paired it with a white marble case skin. I've been using the Grip for a month now, and there's a lot I have to say. Let's dive right in. Aesthetics and design. Right off the bat, you can tell that the Grip is a pretty good looking case. The dbrand Grip™ is customizable, 2mm thin, perfectly-fitted, and has military-grade impact-protection. What more do we need to say? Click the link. Now

dbrand Prism: An honest review : dbrand

Of course, dbrand's offerings aren't limited to only the latest flagship phones. We cover mid-range phones with our Galaxy A50 skins and Galaxy A70 skins, plus older phones like with our Galaxy S10 skins. For headphones, we offer Galaxy Buds skins. If you're more discerning, we've got Galaxy Buds+ skins as well I reached out to DBrand to basically thank them for having top notch quality and great customer support. Man, these guys gave me a store credit for the skins that sit in a dark corner of Best Buy returns somewhere in Florida. Top notch all around. If you're thinking about it, do it. They are very durable and don't peel off if using a briefcase or backpack to travel with. Matte black had a. Top Auswahl an hochwertiger Mode aus der aktuellen Review Kollektio

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Review of Dbrand Prism Screen Protector for Pixel 3 XL

  1. Do you agree with dbrand's star rating? Check out what 758 people have written so far, and share your own experience. | Read 301-320 Reviews out of 758. Do you agree with dbrand's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 758 customers have already said. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About dbrand.
  2. Rhinoshield and Dbrand combo review Feb 18, 2019. Moin2200. KitKat Feb 18, 2019. Moin2200, Feb 18, 2019: I feel like there aren't that many threads talking about third party accessories, so i thought i would give a review on one the best cases I've tried on oneplus 6T. I'm a very careful person when it comes to technology. Whenever i buy a new phone i can't use it before i buy a case and a.
  3. Very cheaply built. Staples and glue could have been placed better. I've had to caulk along several places. Need to reseal some outside compartments and around wheel well. On the interstate, wind can blow the vehicle all over the road. Not the happiest with the dealership. Get things fixed first, but I would purchase this prism again
  4. dbrand fans will likely remember the company's first foray into pastels with the Xiaomi Mi Smart Clock review: Repeating the same mistakes, time after time. 2021/03/18 1:52am PDT Mar 18, 2021.
  5. ösen Boxed-Kühler Wraith Prism. Der kann im Test nicht nur leuchten, sondern er kühlt auch gut
  6. Review: dbrand skins are one way to protect your Apple Card. 3.5. By Andrew O'Hara | Sep 20, 2019. Sep 20, 2019 28 Comments. Facebook. Twitter. Reddit . Worried about your Apple Card getting.

10. out of 10. Overall. Affordable, simple, safe, and perfectly form-fitting, dbrand has mastered the art of console skins. If you're looking to give your system its perfect makeover, you won't go wrong with this. Taffy, Owenge, matpower and 17 others like this Dbrand, the aggressively-marketed smartphone equipment manufacturer, simply dropped their newest product, the Prism impact-proof display protector. It could it appears stay your telephone secure from hurt, even whilst you break it with a hammer. It's to be had now for $14.95, and is suitable with all kinds of Apple, Google, and OnePlus smartphones Brand Name: dbrandDesign: Prism Screen ProtectorMaterial: Dual Layer Glass Hybrid Material + Shatter Proof Impact Resistance Polymer FilmFeatures: Impact Proof; dbrand Prism screen protector is a revolutionary dual-layer hybrid screen protector, pairing mind-boggling impact-resistant glass with a foolproof application technology Innovative Glass Hybrid; Unique dual-layer glass hybrid material. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu But if that is all you really want to do, dbrand is offering a safer and exponentially cheaper option. The company is popular for skins and cases that debrand products (hence the name), especially.

Dbrand’s New Prism Screen Protector Promises to Be

Disclaimer: This review was neither sponsored, nor did I recieve any personal discounts. My personal opinion about this product is unbiased. Pricing dbrand lists the case with a skin for 39.90 USD. I applied a newsletter subsription and paid 35.91 USD. No shipping fees were charged. Delivery The case was shipped from Canada to Germany in about 12 days and a tracking code. Although I thought. dbrand shared a how-to video for applying its skins to the Surface Duo. dbrand skins are available in a wide range of colors and patterns. Body skins cost $20 while logo skins start at $2

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Prism Review : dbrand

  1. While nearly all in-ear style headphones will be compatible with the dbrand Grip, unfortunately it simply wasn't possible to make a hole big enough to accommodate larger audio jacks (like those seen on the Audio-Technica line of over-ear headphones). That said, this is dbrand. We always find a solution
  2. Do you agree with dbrand's 4-star rating? Check out what 1,034 people have written so far, and share your own experience. | Read 961-980 Reviews out of 1,03
  3. Rating and conclusion. The new DeMarini Prism+ is a phenomenal fastpitch bat, plain and simple. It performs great, looks great and feels great. Now, if you are a young player or not on a professional level then there is no need to pick up this bat because it is expensive
  4. In addition to proving that its Grip Case works with the new MagSafe charger, dbrand has also launched a line of skins for the new charger, which you can check out on the dbrand website. Source: dbrand. Watch the video from dbrand below: We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more. Ouch Apple fined in Brazil for selling the iPhone without a charger Apple has been hit.
  5. The prints feel different, too, completely losing that tacky sensation. My personal favorite is the leather, which, despite being faux instead of the real thing, feels lovely in-hand. It's sort of.
  6. imum set of items for reporting in systematic reviews and meta-analyses. PRISMA focuses on the reporting of reviews evaluating randomized trials, but can also be used as a basis for reporting systematic reviews of other types of research, particularly evaluations of interventions
  7. In review: The world wanted more Teardown skins, dbrand obliged them, and now more devices will be continually added until the global collapse of human society. You're welcome. Now put your wallet.

Dbrand's New Prism Screen Protector - Review Gee

4.5/5 stars An incredibly original and entertaining start to a memorable high fantasy series. The Black Prism, the first book in Lightbringer series by Brent Weeks, was one of my first forays into an adult high-fantasy novel. I can't honestly say that I've been a devout follower of this series since its conception; The Black Prism was first published in 2010 and I started this series. New Balance FuelCell Prism Multiple Tester Review Review. Since the debut of the midsole compound FuelCell, New Balance has been gaining a lot of traction in the footwear industry with innovation. Some popular shoes to note were the FuelCell Rebel, TC, and the newly released RC Elite. The foam keeps shoes lower profile while still giving a soft, bouncy, and responsive ride. The New Balance.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone (15.5cm (6.1 Zoll) 128 GB interner Speicher, 8 GB RAM, prism green) - [Standard] Deutsche Version 4,6 von 5 Sternen 5.046 679,99 Primare I15 Prisma im Test der Fachmagazine. Erschienen: September 2018; Details zum Test; Klang-Niveau: 77%. Preis/Leistung: überragend (5 von 5 Sternen) Superbes Design, robust wie ein Safe und obendrein auch noch klanglich ausgefeilt und kraftvoll: Primares kompakter Prisma-Verstärker zählt zu den vielseitigsten Geräten seiner Klasse. Erschienen: September 2018; Details zum. Samsung Galaxy S10 Smartphone (15.5cm (6.1 Zoll) 128GB interner Speicher, 8GB RAM, Prism Black) - Deutsche Version (Generalüberholt) 4,4 von 5 Sternen 193 484,95 Samsung Galaxy A51 im Test | Unabhängiges und kritisches Testverfahren Alle Vor- und Nachteile Best-Preis finden Jetzt lese Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F/DS - 128GB - Prism Black (Ohne Simlock) (Dual-SIM) 4.7 von 5 Sternen (55) Insgesamt 55 Bewertungen, EUR 544,99 Neu. EUR 100,00 Gebraucht. Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F - 128GB - Prism Blue (Ohne Simlock) (Dual-SIM) 4.5 von 5 Sternen (12) Insgesamt 12 Bewertungen, EUR 578,90 Neu . EUR 290,00 Gebraucht. Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite SM-G770F/DS - 128GB - Prism Black (Vodafone.

iPhone XS Grip and Prism Review : dbrand - reddi

With Phil Nohe, Allison Paige Hier finden Sie die aktuelle Top 3 vom Prisma Brille Test auf Brillen.org für das Jahr 2021 als Vergleichstabelle. Test oder Vergleich zu Prisma Brille; Bild Modellname Typen/Kategorien Urteil Online-Preis Zum Test; TOYMYTOY Kaleidoskop: Prisma Brille: 4 Sterne (gut) etwa 10 € » Erfahrungen: Schaepers Kaleidoskope Kaleidoskop aus Kupfer: Prisma Brille: 4 Sterne (gut) etwa 27. Prism Review, the literary mag of ULV. 662 likes · 1 talking about this. PRISM REVIEW, affiliated with University of La Verne and staffed by undergrads, publishes contemporary lit from both national..

Beim Lautstärke-Test der Celsius+ S36 Prisma werden die Lüfter auf 25 %, 33 %, 50 %, 75 % und 100 % ihrer maximalen Drehzahl geregelt. Bei den maximalen Lüfterauslastungen von 25 % und 33 % ergibt sich eine Lautstärke von jeweils 37,4 dB(A). Das entspricht in unserem Testaufbau der Umgebungslautstärke und ist somit nicht wahrnehmbar. Im späteren Verlauf haben wir festgestellt, dass die. Im Test: »Gut« urteilen »Motorrad« & Co Was ist bei der Prism von Sena gut und was nicht? Jetzt Testfazits lesen bei Testberichte.de AMD liefert die eigenen Prozessoren mittlerweile mit einer ganzen Reihe von unterschiedlichen Boxed-Kühlern aus. Das auffälligste Modell ist dabei der Wraith Prism, den es aktuell zu den Ryzen-7. Im Test: »Gut« urteilen »Stereo« & Co Hat der I35 Prisma von Primare auch Schwächen? Jetzt Testfazits lesen bei Testberichte.de

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB Prism White: 489,99 EUR* Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB Prism Black: 499,90 EUR* Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 512GB Ceramic White : 598,40 EUR* Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. dbrand Reviews 1.79 Rating 105 Reviews B- Happiness Grade Company Reviews Questions Metrics Delivery 66.67% - Average Visit Website B- Delivery - Average 66.67% Industry Average Took around a week for mine to be delivered here on the Philippines and that's door to door delivery. Skins are alright though you have to be very precise in applying the skins. posted 4 months ago. Do you agree with dbrand's star rating? Check out what 777 people have written so far, and share your own experience. | Read 281-300 Reviews out of 777. Do you agree with dbrand's TrustScore? Voice your opinion today and hear what 777 customers have already said. Categories My Reviews My Settings Install App Help Log out Log in Sign up Install App For companies Overview Reviews About dbrand.

Do you agree with dbrand's 4-star rating? Check out what 1,009 people have written so far, and share your own experience. | Read 181-200 Reviews out of 1,00 1,226 people have already reviewed dbrand. Read about their experiences and share your own! | Read 101-120 Reviews out of 1,22 Buy dBrand Prism for Pixel 4XL. Zagg Invisible Shield Elite for the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. This one is a bit expensive compared to others and has a reliable reputation for years, the Invisible shield offers clearcrips technology which magically clears your screen from smudges and fingerprints. Available for both pixel 4 and the pixel 4 Xl. Buy Invisible Shield Elite Tempered Glass Pixel 4. This case does not interfere with my screen protector, a dbrand prism screen protector. It does get a little grimy and oily from my daily handle, but is easily cleanable with a damp paper towel or wet tissues. This case is a complete covering case that covers a little bit of the sides of the screen of the phone, but does not cover and is well clear or the screen. it covers the opening for the top of the call-speakers, but there is a little raise in the case to allow for sound to come in. A.


Just adding my experiences with the dbrand grip case and Prism screen protector. The Prism screen protector has been 'fine' in that it's held up pretty well with the exclusion of a dent and bubble right in the center of it that occurred when it was literally days old. The phone fell 3-4 inches onto the plastic pump of a soap bottle and it put a hole in it as if it was made out of plastic. This is not how tempered glass screen protectors behave in my experience. The phone has taken many other. Dbrand skins. Discussion in 'Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite' started by GlennTidbury, Dec 30, 2018. Dec 30, 2018 at 2:52 PM. GlennTidbury, Dec 30, 2018 #1. GlennTidbury. Well-known Member. Joined: Nov 30, 2016 Messages: 1,979 Products Owned: 5 Products Wanted: 0 Trophy Points: 116 Location: England Ratings: +886. Just a little word of warning to anyone planning on buying the new dbrand skins. Dbrand launched Dbrand Grip v2 case and Prism screen protector for our phone. It is supposed to ship by February. Grip - Prism The Grip V2 sucks for the Note 9. The pen is inaccessible and all Dbrand told me was to leave the pen out basically. Stupid. It's a slim case that has no grip. It's way too expensive to lack grip if that's what you're paying fo This year, dbrand came out with the.

Buy 30% off dbrand Prism Pixel 4XL impact glass screen protector worth 30 USD #ClementiMRT in Singapore,Singapore. The dbrand Prism™ Pixel 4 XL screen protector is a revolutionary dual-layer hybrid screen protector, pairing mind-boggling impact-resistant glass with a foolpro Chat to Bu Huawei Prism years ago 5 minutes, 9 seconds 29,669 views The , T-Mobile Prism , is the newest addition to , T-Mobile's , line of smartphones. The , Prism , is a nice, feature packed smartphone that How to Apply a dbrand Matebook X Pro Skin Page 8/2

Dbrand Prism review for OnePlus 6 : OnePlus

A few days ago electronics skin maker dbrand instead made news by announcing Darkplates - PlayStation 5 faceplate replacements which finally turn the console all black. Now there's a video. News: The Greatest iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Professional Display Protectors on iTechBlog.co - iTechBlog.co update news daily related science and technolog

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35 Prism Medical Products reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees @DominikSolski 100.0

dbrand Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of dbrand

Keep the top, keyboard, bottom and sides of your laptop free from getting beat up by adding an iCarbons skin to guard it from those scratches dbrand skins for Macbook: After the unboxing and comparison between both the 13″ and 15″ and breaking down all the new features of the 2018 Macbook Pro with touchbar, I test the speaker improvements, keyboard improvements and do performance tests after the patch to see if the Macbook Pro 2018 is worth upgrading to Has anyone installed a dBrand skin. Sep 19, 2018 - In this video I inboxed and reviewed the New dbrand iPhone X dragon skin.Watch my iPhone X Review: https://youtu.be/HNhgud38WHkGlass Screen Protector. Dbrand's New Prism Screen Protector Promises to Be dbrand Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of dbrand.com. iPhone 8 Skins. I put the Dbrand robot skin on : GalaxyFold. Dbrand | Google Pixel 5. Dbrand Grip Pixel 4 case review: Unlike anything else (in a dbrand on Twitter: iPad Frame Skins are here. Don't have an The best Samsung Galaxy S20 skins to buy - Android Authority.

Dbrand Prism - The Toughest Screen Protector? - YouTub

Buy Dbrand Prism Screen Protector iPhone 11 Pro Max in Pasig City,Philippines. Dbrand Prism Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max (2pcs screen protector included) With microfiber cloth Php 1000 Get great deals on Cases & Sleeves Chat to Bu dbrand | 834 followers on LinkedIn. Founded on 11-11-11, dbrand is the global leader in the development, manufacturing, and direct-to-consumer online distribution of customization and impact. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Adonit Mark ADMB Stylus Pen for Apple iPad, iPhone and Touchscreen Phones (Black) at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Oct 8, 2018 - The best remote control you have is the one in your pocket. As long as you have the right apps—and you'll need a lot of them—you can control almost everythin.. dbrand Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of dbrand.com. dbrand Textured Back Cover Skin for Google Nexus 4 - Black Titanium. Black Camo Dbrand skin. Best decision ever. : galaxynote10. iPhone 8 Skins. Apple AirPods (Gen 2, No Wireless Charging) Skins . dbrand » Official Shop. dbrand Skins for Google Pixelbook Go. dbrand's latest Pastel device skins might be its best yet. Dbrand skins.


Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max DBrand Prism Tempered Glass in Paranaque City,Philippines. Get great deals on Mobile Accessories Chat to Buy. anakin1222's item for sale on Carousell. Cars & Property. Mobiles & Electronics. Jobs & Services. Home & Living. Fashion. Hobbies & Games. Others. Register. Login. Items. Sell . Mobile Phones & Tablets. Mobile & Tablet Accessories. Mobile Accessories. anakin1222. Sep 26, 2018 - Let me show you the caseYou Can Buy On this Link:https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/GKK-Case-for-OPPO-Find-X-360-Full-Protection-3-IN-1-Magnetic. A Dbrand már nem csak bőröket kínál az Ön eszközeihez. Eltörte a formát a Grip tokkal és most a Prism képernyővédővel. A vállalat telepítési készletet tartalmaz a folyamat megkönnyítése érdekében, és ez az üveghibrid törésálló ellenállást kínál, valódi üveg érzetével Dbrand Grip Pixel 4 case review: Unlike anything else (in a dbrand skin QnA - OnePlus Community. Best OnePlus 5 Cases. OnePlus 5 Skins. OnePlus 5T Skins. dbrand Grip Phone Case | Indiegogo. OnePlus 5 Skins. OnePlus 5 Skins. OnePlus 5 Skins. OnePlus 5 Skins. OnePlus 5 Skins. The best cases for the Google Pixel 5. OnePlus 5 Skins . OnePlus 5 Skins. OnePlus 5 Skins. dbrand Textured Back. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Samsung Galaxy S10e Smartphone (14.7cm (5.8 inch) 128GB Internal Memory, 6GB RAM, Dual SIM, Prism Green) English Version at Amazon.de. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users

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